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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Foxconn invests $200 million in GoPro

To shoot action-packed activities, you need and action camera system GoPro which is a hot property that Foxconn has introduced. Foxconn is better known as Apple's Chinese manufacturing partner which is just 9% of the company.  Foxconn has just forked over $200 million for an 8.88% stake in GoPro. This camera specializes in capturing the endaveours of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

This company is better known for its Apple's most important Chinese-based manufacturing partners' role. The firm has been surrounded by various controversies and set its sights on expanding 1st into Brazil and another one a rumored U.S factory of its production lines.

GoPro and Foxconn combiningly shares a vision of the future where content capture, creation and sharing will become more important form of communication. The amount of user-generated and captured are being shared over social networks that shows no sign of slowing down. By considering GoPro's understanding of its target market its massive manufacturing muscle, both the companies should be able to produce some interesting products and be made available to drive the costs down in the process. Capture some of the close-up action shots that was not be with amateur camera gears. The initial wearable cameras have evolved into highly durable, HD vid-cams that are highly sought after by amateurs and extreme sports stars alike. Enjoy this superb action-packed camera to shoot out all the interesting action pictures.


  1. I have read about the GoPro cameras and is impressed with their functionality of being attached to helmets, car sides and bikes' handles. They are just perfect to capture a sports event like cycling. It feels good to read about Foxconn investment. Hope the investment will make communication smoother.