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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Motorola and Google smartphone are rumored to be game changer

X Smartphone
Motorola and Google together presented a X Smartphone, a game changer is developed by Google. Google has been working on this device for long time. A perfect smartphone that includes powerful software that will not be available in any other smart phone. The software features and capabilities are powerful covering all the features of Google. This new smartphone is rumored to be introduced at the Google Developer Confrence in May 2013.

According to sources, CTO hugh Bradlow is tipping all the employees that the new phone is a real breakthrough and will put pressure on Samsung and Apple. Currently the device is being hailed as the Motorola X. According to Wall Street journal this X device features larger flexible screen and incredible battery life.

The X smartphone will offer access to complete Google service like non eof device defore. A first device to showcase a combination of Android Key lime Pie. Google has complete control over this device. You will find a big difference between a Nexus device which is intended to showcase the latest version of Android and X phone which will showcased just the activities of Google.
A mystery project which was running for several moths by Motorola and Google finally rumored to break the market with its breakthrough features.


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