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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Casio presents high-speed EXILIM Cameras

EXILIM Cameras
Casio expands its new lineup of excellent high speed EXILIM Cameras. Blended with EXILIM engine HS Ver.3 which is driven by a dual-CPU, 2 parallel image processors, vector graphics core and a reconfigurable processor. Delivering a functional and performance flexibility added with high speed processing which is based on the latest technologies. The vector graphics core smoothly produces two-dimensional images.

A perfect combination of high-speed shooting response featuring an intuitive display screen to offer a smooth viewing experience. The EX-ZR700 is blended with a wide-angle of 25mm, 18x optical zoom lens. The zoom feature maintains a superb resolution image quality to 36x maximum zoom.

Employed an optical lens to achieve stabilization equivalent to approximately 2 stops which are slower in terms of shutter speed. The image stabilization feature let users to minimize the blur problem occurred with the camera shake while taking pictures. Perfect to shot night scenes while zooming employing a lens-shift optical lens which further reduces image blue on the LCD screen while recording movies.

This collection feature Triple shot that combines high-speed burst shooting experience for tension-free photography. This feature will not take image when the shutter button is pressed. Capturing images before and after shooting decisive moments with quickly moving subjects like children and pets.

The premium Auto pro functionality automatically analyzes the shooting scene to select the best settings to perform image processing. Automatically combines images from high-speed burst shooting to create gorgeous photos.


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