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Friday, 22 February 2013

Gefen's latest Displayport for high resolution video extension

Gefen's latest Displayport
Professionals gets an easy way to extend their display from the computer using two CAT-7 cables. Gefen's latest Display from computer to display. Working with resolutions measuring 1920x1200 can be used by the same extender with only one CAT-7 cable.

Wall mountable sender and receiver units deliver both audio and video from the Display Port source over the CAT-7 cabling to the display. The requirement for power is at the sender unit only and the receiver unit receives its power using CAT-7 cable. There are various additional features which includes 16 different EQ adjustments using a rotating switch on the receiver unit. The HPD auto Calibration switch lets user, a full calibration of the connected display without any training needed in video technology. Improving system stability with a locking power supply on the sender unit.

Enables high-quality audio and video which is to be extended simply over one cable with an impeccable remote performance. Computer users are limited to a fraction of the distance available without the display port extreme solutions. Equipped with DisplayPort connectivity on both the ends to offer plug and play operability. The use of power to propel high resolution video with audio up to 300 feet in distance. Both the single and dual link video modes are supported up to 2560x1600 resolutions. The proper use of fiber optic components guarantees any resolution which can be delivered in a pure digital format without compromising signal integrity.


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