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Monday, 4 February 2013

Drobo 5N with SSD and tiering technology

Drobo 5N
Drobo is now shipping more advanced and speedy networked Drobo which further extends new technologies. The new Drobo 5N offers easy, affordable capacity and performance for the connected home or small office. Drobo 5N utilizes patented ease-of -use technologies including traffic light management with the ability to automatically keep the data in a protected state. Having mix-and-match disk drive support, withstanding disk drive failures and expansion of system capacity by combining hot swapping drives on-the-fly with zero downtime.

The Drobo 5N adds a significant performance boost with a brand-new hardware design with the use of Drobo's patent-pending Data-Aware Tiering technology. The ability to support SSD technology and increased horsepower in addition to hard drives accelerates the overall performance of the storage array, allows faster access to data from different applications like Adobe Lightroom and Apple iPhoto or iTunes without compromising the capacity of the overall system

The Drobo 5N delivers an advanced data protection feature which is often found on enterprise-grade storage that protects user and system data automatically in the event of a spontaneous power failure. This system utilizes intelligent software and battery technology that allows all critical data which is to be written to non-volatile storage ensuring all the important information which is to be kept inside safely even in the event of unexpected power loss. The products of Drobo works as an entry-level networked storage solution supporting both the Apple and PC platforms. The 5N offers an easy-to-use interface for Apple's a popular Time Machine.


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