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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Enjoy Sony's latest ICD TX50 digital voice recorder

Sony Digital Voice Recoders
Presenting you with a brand new digital voice recorder included with various features and solid functionalities. Ultra-thin and stylish device featuring memory card slot offering access to additional recording time using an optional flash memory card that can be removed and stored to transfer recordings to a computer. The digital pitch control let users to play and record speed faster without changing the pitch.

Attached headphones can be plugged into the recorder. Goes forward and backward in short periods to easily find a segment when recording long video. Set the recorder for dictation and notes or for seminars and conferences. A perfect and unique technology from Sony, “ ICDTX50 digital voice recorder” offers Intelligent Noise Cut mode reduces noise during recording, so that playback can be heard with more clarity. Delivers you high readability in a very small format and that can be switched off to extend battery life. It lets you to display the menu in English, french or Spanish.

The integrated USB cable to get up to 60 minutes of recording within 3 minutes of charging. Enables you to record pause, collect your thoughts and continue recording in just one easy step. Software that let users with editing, CD/DVD burning,viewing track marks playback with Intelligent Noise Cut and other useful functions.

Voice Operated Recording will starts and stops the recording when you heard quite high sound by the microphone. Recording functionality saves the recording time by not registering his free periods.The high recording quality of the unit that has been optimized and validated accurately by Nuance to work with Voice to Print software Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The TX50 is a factory preset with five folders for convenient storage of audio and voice recordings.

Enjoy a perfect user-friendly system that let user to select how it will use the recorder and camera to be adjust automatically.


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