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Monday, 11 February 2013

Experience a smooth experience with Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Check out mini version of the Galaxy S III, “GALAXY S III Mini”. A compact version of flagship smart phone in Singapore.Bringing high performance, intuitive ease-of-use and nature-inspired design of the Galaxy S III to an elegant and compact smartphone with a 4.0-inch screen. An optimal choice for all the users who are looking for more smart phones. Powered up with Android 4.1 to deliver smooth graphics combined with a new Google Search experience featuring Google. To bring the right and complete information before you. Molded with stylish and compact model sharing breakthrough design and simple elegance. An ultra-minimal curved frame offers a rich natural feel, which is reflected on its nature-inspired home screen, wallpapers and ringtones. 

One of the most beautiful 4.0-inch Super AMOLED display screen offering a generous viewing experience. Letting you view multimedia and web content in brilliant color and clarity. Featuring compact size gives you a comfortable grip and allows a convenient one-hand operation.

The perfect GALAXY S III Mini understands your gestures, making your phone natural and easier. Gets you a smart stay with the camera when tracking your eyes, keeping the screen lit as long as you are looking. Enables you to automatically calls your friend by simply lifting your phone up,while reading his message. Offering you a smart alert which conveniently makes you aware with all the missed calls, messages. A perfect beam feature lets you share a 10MB music file in just seconds by just tapping on another S beam-enabled device including GALAXY S III without a Wi-Fi or any cellular signal.


  1. I have read about the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini and is impressed with their functionality.It feels good to read about Samsung Galaxy S III Mini. Hope the investment will make communication smoother.

  2. iSheep wont admit it, but you just know a good number of them secretly wish the iPhone was bigger. Maybe Apple should do something similar, but in reverse: release an iPhone XL, with a 4.9" display.