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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Valve announced steam linux client

Valve has made his name among the best selling game franchises and leading technologies. Come up with a new innovation named as Steam client for Linux users. Millions of people liked it for its well-designed, easy-to-use customer experience. The latest Steam for Ubuntu demonstrates the growing demand for open systems from gamers and developers.

Looking forward to see AAA games which are developed with Ubuntu in mind as a part of multi-perform day and launch date on Steam. Fans of Linux like this indie-OS which is just perfect for ideal game. The Steam distribution on Windows, Mac OS and now on the Linux, plays anywhere of Steam Play. Gamers are available to everyone regardless of the fact that what type of computer they are running.

Enjoy your favorite game, “Team Fortress 2” the free to play game which is now available on Steam for Linux. Steam gamers for a limited time will automatically receive a free, exclusive in-game players. Additional title soft valve are available on Steam for Linux which includes Half-Life, Counter strike 1.6.

Addition to the games, the Steam for Linux client covers Big Picture which is the new mode of steam, sleekly designed to use with a TV and game controller. The Steam foe Linux and Big picture mode anticipates a growing number of gamers which will use steam, in the living room.


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