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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kingston Wi-drive comes up with 128GB storage

Kingston to present its new 128GB capacity addition to the Wi-Drive product line. A perfect addition to the existing 32Gb and 64 GB capacities. Integrated with Wi-Fi with 4 hours of battery life for easy file sharing and pocket-sized portable storage. Compatible with all the Wi-Fi enabled devices like Apple, iPad,iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices, Kindle fire and much more.

Go for this free Wi-Drive app for Apple device in the App store and also for Android OS devices in the Google Play app store for Kindle Fire in the amazon app store. Lets you with simultaneous data access and easy file sharing for up to three users on their preferred mobile device.Kingston Wi-Drives are backed up heavily with a 1 year warranty and free technical support.

With a versatile user experience, offers you great accessibility and easy sharing of files via web browser or the Wi-Drive App. Paired up with your Android tablet using a Wi-Fi connection and an app. This app is available for free and is flash based storage which should ease some minds specially if you have planned to throw in you carry bag. Share your files with up to three users at a time. This can be used with multiple devices which could end up being convenient for the person traveling along with his smartphone and a tablet as tech Wi-Drive means loading content up to just one device.


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